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Polyphasic Sleep
  battsmasta, Sep 12 2009

Anybody ever tried doing this before..

Basically instead of sleeping my standard 8-12 hours a night, you break your sleep into 6 20-30 minute naps for a total of 2-3 hours of sleep every 24 hours.

I can't believe I've never heard of this until now, it sounds perfect for a poker player. You cut out all of the "wasted" sleep and just go straight into REM sleep during the naps. And while you're awake, apparently you are alert as ever.

One of the drawbacks though is that it takes a couple of weeks to convert to this way of sleeping, and you gotta have a pretty open schedule to do it. And basically while you are converting, you are a zombie.

I am seriously considering giving this a try, it would be pretty sweet having an extra 5 hours a day.

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April so far..
  battsmasta, Apr 12 2008

Well, I have been playing more than i used to thanks to the bet, but i would still like to play more

I have been doing so good that i decided to move up! Or at least take some shots.



So i have been running well, but i hate my play the last 3k hands. I have been calling down fish with mediocre hands far too much and not betting when i should be.

If i just play about 1500 hands a day for the rest of the month, easy win!

Good luck

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Hello LP!
  battsmasta, Apr 05 2008

I've been on lp for over 2 years, and I have 4 post! I think it's time to get a little more interactive.

I made a hands bet for april with someone (for 20 bucks lol). Lots of stipulations..

1. I am only allowed to have a 5 or less multi table ratio, he is only allowed 3.
2. I am playing 6 max nl25, he is playing nl50 heads up.
3. At the end of the month he gets 10k extra hands added.
4. If I am no longer rolled for nl25, i can move down to nl10, but can only 4 table max.

That's pretty much it.

I made a bet with another friend after i made that bet that I could play 40k in one month for $15. Is that unethical???

Well anyways, I got a slow start because we just made this bet yesterday, but I ran god for the first 2k hands!

Well thats it!


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